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Believers Church's Homes of Hope for Street Children

The Life of a Street Child

Imagine your daughter sleeping alone on the street. Or your son getting breakfast from a garbage heap. Now picture them begging, laboring or stealing just so they can survive long enough to do it all again tomorrow. This is reality for up to 100 million children around the world.

Yet, there are comparatively few trying to help these children. Most of the people searching for kids on the street want to exploit them. Greedy gang leaders cripple some children and force them to beg. Brothels trap others, filling their short lives with fear and cruel abuse.

The kids who dodge these fates don’t have it much better—all street children work hard to survive. They hawk trinkets at traffic signals. They scavenge for garbage to sell. They squat on bare calloused feet to shine shoes. They labor in dingy little factories. And at the end of a long day, they can only collapse into a bed of filthy concrete.

Asha Grih Street Children's Homes

Street children work hard to survive.

These children are often illiterate, sick and malnourished. Many sniff glue or take drugs to cope.

Did You Know?

In Delhi alone, there are an estimated 200,000 children living on the streets. Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai each have around 100,000 children without a home.

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