Asha Grih

Believers Church's Homes of Hope for Street Children


Did you see that little boy on the street this morning, begging? Unfortunately, many don’t. Street children are often invisible to all who pass them by.

Without anyone to protect them, they get trapped in begging rings, child labor and even prostitution. Many don’t survive childhood.

Asha Grih

Through Asha Grih’s two street children’s homes in Delhi, Believers Church cares for these children, working together with the Indian government to make sure they are safe and loved. Children are enrolled in Asha Grih through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of India.

Asha Grih’s Impact

2 Homes

Asha Grih Boys Home

59 Children in Homes

Asha Grih Street Girls Home Delhi

168 Children Restored

Asha Grih Street Children Home

Moving in from the Streets

When children move from the rough streets into Asha Grih’s boys or girls home, everything changes. The staff cleans them up, gives them a good meal and tucks them into their new bed. They soon receive a medical checkup and any necessary treatment. If they’ve never been to school, they start learning in a non-formal environment to prepare them for further education.

As children settle into life at Asha Grih, we continue to provide all their basic needs. We arrange monthly medical checkups and even long-term care for those with diseases such as tuberculosis. Their health also improves through daily nutritious meals. But even beyond material provision, Asha Grih’s staff members take the children into their hearts and faithfully counsel and care for them.

Asha Grih Boys Home

"They gave me medicines when I was sick, gave me food without me even working for it and gave me clothes to wear..." – Rajesh (10)

A Day at Asha Grih

Kids wake up in the morning for a good breakfast and then start off for school, which is a new experience for many. After their time in the classroom, children return to Asha Grih for tutoring to ensure that they can excel in the new environment. Some days are especially exciting when they get to go for a field trip.

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Restoring Children

Whenever possible and in a child’s best interest, Asha Grih works to restore them to their families. With the help of CWC, Asha Grih searches for the family and judges whether it is safe to send a child back home. If it is, we have the privilege to reunite the child with his or her family.

If it is not safe or possible to restore a child to his home, he or she can, of course, remain at Asha Grih.

Asha Grih Street Children's Home

Future Initiatives

  • Start homes for street children in other major cities of India.
  • Provide higher education for all the children in our homes.

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