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Jumping for Joy to Go to School

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Himanshu was only 7 years old and his brother Harish two years younger, but they had already experienced a tough life. Their father was an alcoholic and did not care for them properly. Their mother eventually abandoned them, leaving them with their impoverished grandmother. The grandmother was unable to provide even their basic needs.

Knowing their futures were uncertain, Himanshu and Harish’s grandmother went to the Child Welfare Committee in Delhi for help. The boys were admitted to Asha Grih’s Boys Home for long term care and protection.

The little boys were so happy have three meals a day, snacks, games and people who cared for them. Asha Grih’s staff enrolled them in a local school along with the other boys in the home. Their first day of school, they could not control their delight as they put on their uniforms and held their new backpacks filled with new notebooks, pencil, rubber and water bottle. Harish was jumping up and down yelling, “Look! My bag! My shoes! My water bottle! Look!” All the Asha Grih staff and children were overjoyed to see their excitement.

Himanshu and Harish’s story is unfortunately a common one. Families are frequently broken apart by alcohol, abuse, and the mother and father’s irreconcilable differences. But the children are the ones who suffer the most. There are hundreds of thousands of children in Delhi alone who are just like Himanshu and Harish, having no one to show them love and care and nowhere to call home. Through Asha Grih, Believers Church is helping these children to find hope.

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